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Mt. Kelud Eruption - Situation Update - 20 Feb 2014



General Situation


Official data from East Java BPBD reports (19/2) that a total of 68,627 persons from Malang, Kediri, and Blitar are displaced across Batu and Malang, Blitar and Jombang. Previously (18/2) it was reported that 83,088 persons were displaced. According to coordination meetings with NGOs on 18 Feb in Kediri and on 19 Feb in Batu, there is indication that a number of displacement centres are not reported. Until today (19/2), at least four displacement centres (SDK-SMPK Batu, SMAK Yos Sudarso, Gereja Gembala Baik, Lahor Materia Medika), with total around 900 IDPs in Batu City are not listed in the Emergency Operation Centre database.




According to the latest BPBD East Java, approximately 29,894 IDPs are taking shelter in Kediri. At least 36 puskesmas are functioning in Kediri. 2 out of 36 provides 24/7 hour service. Puskesmas capacity would suffice to serve max 30,000 people. At least six NGOs are currently working in health sector in Kediri: MDMC (the biggest), YEU, Dompet Dhuafa, PETROKIMIA (private company), BSMI, Save The Children, World Vision, and PKPU.


Shelter Management


IDPs are taking refuge public buildings, schools, mosques, churches, convention halls, hospital, and village offices. YEU trained 50 persons on managing classrooms for shelter including promoting hygiene and referrel system for persons with illness.


Compilation of volcanic and affected district baseline data, Volcanology Map, situation updates from NGOs and BPBD East Java is available at this link:




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